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At Prime Real Estate, we believe in the power of coaching! We use performance coaches instead of Managing Brokers. Our coaches are responsible for helping improve our agents both professionally and personally.  Each coach has under 20 agents that they can get to know and guide in this industry.

Here is a Q&A with one of our performances coaches, Arlene Olenik-Lowe. Arlene has been a Realtor for 15 years and joined our company as a performance coach in 2017. She also brings 13 years of experience in a leadership and mentorship role.


What exactly do you do as a performance coach?

The culture at Prime Real Estate is to better an agent’s experiences, help them grow, to help them to feel that they belong and to prove that they are an important part of the company itself. My goal as a performance coach is to be available to my agents and help them grow as a Realtor, and feel happy and fulfilled, both at work and also in their personal lives.

All of the Performance Coaches at Prime Real Estate are eager to guide, educate, and be an available support system so that agents can build confidence and gain experience in their business. Performance Coaches are available to agents who are both new and seasoned at our company. It’s important to have someone to go to and that they feel comfortable talking with, everyone needs a sounding board at times, no matter what your past experience is this business.


What do you like about your role as a performance coach?

​I have always thought of myself as a “people pleaser” with family, friends, clients, and  co-workers. At Prime Real Estate, It is very rewarding to be available to my agents when they need advice or guidance or just want to talk. I love seeing each of them succeed and grow.​

Do you think having a performance coach like we have here at Prime is more beneficial than having just a managing broker?

​A Managing Broker is so very important in this business, but they have to wear many hats!  One person cannot always successfully handle everything that comes with the business side of managing an office. Often they do not have enough time to

give 100% of what their agents may need. Sometimes agents will “fall through the cracks” because the Managing Broker may not have the time to lend a hand, give a word of advice, or even to notice a problem arising. An agent might not feel a close enough connection, or feel that the Managing Broker has the time to answer all of the questions that they need or that they want to ask them.

As a Performance Coach, I can connect with my agents on a more personal level, I can reach out to them more often, give them more needed attention if they need or want it, and can easier make the time to keep them happy, motivated and on track in a more personal fashion.​ I check in with them more often, and they know that they can always come to me about anything.

If you could give new agents ONE TIP what would it be?

​If I had to pick one, I suppose it would be ​STAY POSITIVE, and know that while your efforts may not come to fruition 100% of the time, it does get better with experience!

Is there a common question you get from agents you are a coach to?

​”How can I build my business?”​

This question can come from a brand new agent with nothing going yet, or an experienced agent who is merely looking for more. Once an agent has an active buyer or seller, gets to a closing, and first-hand feels the reward though the happiness of their client, they get a thirst to help and please more people.

This is such a rewarding job…. This is such and important job! ​It’s probably the largest investment that a person can make in their lifetime. It’s so rewarding as a Realtor to guide our friends, family, clients, and customers on such an important move in their life. We strive to protect them along the way, and to see their smiling faces at the end of the process.

At Prime Real Estate we have the instruments to help agents build business and reach out to more people, and furthermore see more of those happy smiling faces at the closing table and beyond. The reward of this is priceless!

What skills do you think you need for a long term real estate career?

​I think to make it in this business you need to be compassionate of people’s feelings and needs, and to have the passion to please people. If you have that passion, you’ll push yourself to always be helping others, to be consistent and never give up, and to think outside of the box to get to the end result. This job is not all about a paycheck, it goes well beyond that. If one sees that it’s all about the money, I believe they might succeed at the beginning, but will fall short in the end.

What drew you to the real estate industry?

I never have considered myself as a salesperson. ​​If I had, I don’t think I have pursued a Real Estate career. I wanted to do something that I would enjoy doing, that was rewarding to me, where I could pick my own hours and work at my own pace. Previously I had a career in art. So I was naturally attracted to, and have always enjoyed viewing homes, seeing the differences in architecture, their design and varying color choices, and thought it would be fun and exciting to walk through homes!

Personally, I am not a Realtor to sell, I am in this business to help others find their way and provide excellent customer service. It is all about that rewarding feeling at the end.

Why is it important to use your experience to help others?

​​I love helping others. It’s just the way I was brought up and the way I’m wired….I feel it’s the right thing to do. We should all PAY IT FORWARD! Why gain knowledge if you are not going to pass it on to another who can use it?  

Part of our company’s culture shows that we do not only sell houses, we help people. We are always striving to help all of our real estate agents make a great impression as their clients’ trusted official, and to help all of our clients seamlessly and safely make it to their new “happy place”.  Those great experiences and rewards drive us to continue to help others! It may sound cheesy, but we all should want to make our world a better place. I feel here at Prime, we do!

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