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We are excited to welcome Ray Jackson to our team. Ray is a newly licensed real estate agent, who is also a real estate investor.

“I love helping people whenever I can, and I’ll be able to offer more services as a Realtor,” said Ray. “If all goes as planned, I hope to be in a financial position to accept more risk and help people having difficulty finding a nice place to rent or buy due to past issues in their lives. I hadn’t anticipated this before becoming an investor, but it’s tugs at my heart when I must turn tenants down when it’s evident they’re on the right track to getting their lives back together. I’ve been there and I’m grateful to the people who gave me a chance when, on paper at the time, it would have probably made more sense that they hadn’t.”

In addition to helping others, Ray decided to become a Realtor to gain access to resources available to those in the industry. He also enjoys networking and learning. He also says being a broker provides him with “more tools in the toolbox” as he looks to make money with real estate and assist him with his journey to become financially free.

He is from Gary, Indiana currently lives in Hobart, and has also lived in a few different states in between. He enjoys traveling and his goal is one day to be able to travel whenever, wherever, and for however long he wants.

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